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What Sounds Wilde Voice Reel Clients Say


Professional - approachable - affordable voicereel services


For actors and voice artists looking to create their first reel,  refresh an existing one or record a bespoke demo

great recording experience and a well-crafted bespoke voice reel that showcases your vocal strengths and is within your budget.


Personal initial consultation and scripts selected to match your voice type and requirements


Relaxed recording session with no time limits


Clear direction from a very experienced, qualified and BBC-trained sound engineer, vocal producer and professional voice artist


A voice reel produced to a very high standard that showcases your strengths and celebrates your unique vocal abilities


Voice reel clients of mine have signed to top voice agencies in both the UK and the US including Just Voices, United Voices, Soho Voices, Telly Voices, The Voiceover Store, iCanTalk and Shining Voices. I work with agencies in both the UK and the US to make sure your voice reel reflects current trends and will be a truly international tool for your career

Packages include consultation, recording time, mixing time, script provision, copies of all individual tracks, and montage mixes suitable for websites and Spotlight. All recorded clips are mixed with music & sound effects for no extra cost.

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Please contact me for bookings and further details.

Sounds Wilde Special Student & Graduate Package is only offered to those who have graduated from full-time study or are still studying full-time at a recognised UK drama school, university or higher education institute in 2015.

For more information and testimonials, have a look at my profile as a voicereel provider on Casting Call Pro and Voices Pro