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I learned so much...She is such a good director

Julia Sawalha (Absolutely Fabulous, Lark Rise to Candleford)    


The only Character Voice Reel specialist in the UK.


The aim of my character voice reel service is to provide you with an excellent Gaming, Animation or Radio Drama reel and a personal, productive experience.


I combine 16 years of professional production experience as a sound designer and sound engineer in theatre, film/TV and radio drama with character voice training and voice acting experience in gaming, animation and radio drama.


In other words - I know what it's like to be on both sides of the mic!


At the end of our time together, I want you to feel confident in the unique skills you can offer as a character voice actor and have a demo that demonstrates this. 


My clients have gone on to be cast in video games, animated series, audiobooks, audio dramas and much more. In 2018 the Animation Demo I produced for Emma MacLennan won her Best Animation Performance at the One Voice Awards


Here's what clients say about recording their voice reel with me.

My packages offer:

  • bespoke scripts written for and customised to your voice (Gaming and Animation reels)
  • full direction and guidance including how to approach and interpret character scripts
  • a relaxed and professional atmosphere where you have all the time you need to give your best performance


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As of December 2017 I am no longer producing commercial or narrative reels. My Standard, Commercial and Student & Graduate packages have been discontinued.

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