Kirsty Gillmore Voice Artist

Kirsty Gillmore - Voice Artist

Native New Zealand - Natural British - Excellent Australian


I'm your versatile Australasian voice!


Natural British, native Kiwi and excellent Australian: my genuinely engaging, fun & friendly voice can do all three to a native standard and with equal ease.


I work out of my own professional Protools studio (the Sounds Wilde studio) in London, UK, with access to Source Connect and Skype for remote direction.


 I've worked with a wide range of international companies and businesses, including Lloyds Banking Group, IKEA, Danone, Intel, Garmin, Bank of New Zealand, STA Travel, Travel Channel, Cap Gemini, National Aquarium of New Zealand, Cambridge University Press, Huawei and Dyson.


With a vocal age range of teens - 45, my voice is perfect for commercials, professional & corporate projects, telephone prompts and promos - and I can easily vary my tone from enthusiastic to sensual, persuasive to authoritative.






BRITISH (English UK) - neutral/RP










What else can I do for you? Well, I'm trained in character performance, improvisation, clowning, singing and theatre so I'm always happy to create characters and bring a flexible, fun approach to voice over work.


As a sound designer and sound engineer I have over 14 years experience recording and directing voices, and my studio is professionally equipped.


I've been trained to international broadcast standards by the BBC in London, where I worked across radio, the World Service and News for 8 years, so I have in-depth knowledge of what makes a professional standard voice over!


I'm known for my fast turnaround, excellent recording quality and great communication skills, all at reasonable prices.



I'd love to work with you! Get in contact for a quote for your project. - the voiceover marketplace