Voice Directing and Casting

A bespoke casting and voice direction service designed specifically for indie game developers and independent animation producers.

Whether you're looking to work with actors for the first time, or are already partway through the process, I will work with you to get the best voice acting for your production.


Kirsty was fantastic when we required voice casting. An impressive selection of talent was provided, which she'd also taken the time to curate, thus turning a potentially laborious task into a very smooth - and even enjoyable - process! Invaluable. 

Chris Tester (Producer - Arrows & Traps Theatre)

Great voice acting will enrich the incredible world you've created for your audience. 

I can be the translator between you and the actors, to bring your visions and words to life. Have a listen to my directing showreels below to hear what I can do.

Even if you have a limited budget, if you're interested about getting the best voice acting possible for your production,  get in touch and we can chat about what's possible.

I look forward to working with you.