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Rubyyy Jones' FRIDAAA from Rubyyy Jones on Vimeo. Sound design by Kirsty Gillmore (Sounds Wilde)



As well as an experienced sound designer and sound engineer I am also a fully trained classical musician, composer and experienced performer. My skills include sound effects creation, voice over recording & production, score reading, composition and sequencing and sound operation. Experienced user of QLab and Show Cue System, ProTools, Reaper and a wide variety of sound desks, microphones, speakers and sound equipment.

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Press & Reviews


Kill Climate Deniers (The Pleasance)

Sound designer Kirsty Gillmore backs the production with a galvanising wall of electronica, featuring throbbing dance classics and crackly, claustrophobic electronic effects.  - The Stage

"Under Nic Connaughton’s direction and with Kirsty Gilmore’s sound design, Finnigan’s play comes to life with a fury that is as funny as it is fierce. Kill Climate Deniers is an evening exceptionally well spent." - The Upcoming


The Little Prince (Arcola Theatre)

"sound design that adds an aural vividness"  - Grumpy Gay Critic


Cancel the Sunshine (Hope Theatre)

"The sounds of London, the Police Sirens, traffic the hustle and bustle from outside adding to the already atmospherically designed soundscape by Kirsty Gilmore."  - Those London Chicks

"Jai Morjaria's light and Kirsty Gillmore's sound also working well to give an all-encompassing feel to the production that isn't easily forgettable." - There Ought To Be Clowns

"The combination of light, sound and video...really strengthens the play and allows Thomas a solid background to bounce against" - The Upcoming


l'Ospedale (Wilton's Music Hall)

"the humour is savagely politicised. (Abati's prologue and epilogue become speeches from a duplicitous minister in the House of Commons, complete with baying backbenchers)"  - The Times

"The spoken prologue and epilogue (in English) come over a PA from a distinctly David Cameron-like character (the phrase "big society" appears at least once) with a background of distinctly House-of-Commons-like sound effects. It's all good, riotous fun." - Bachtrack

"To set the scene, the voice of a deceiving MP at the House of Commons acts as a symbol of health from Abati’s prologue and epilogue, with cheering backbenchers in the background. This resonates with today's political squabbles, particularly the NHS." - Trend FEM


Boris Godunov (Jack Studio Theatre)

"the stark and morose soundtrack by Kirsty Gillmore is astonishing" - What's On London

"...the show was fabulous. One of my favourite parts was the use of a gentle background sound that could have been a heartbeat or a clock ticking down slowly to the end for Boris and Grigory-Dimitry and their final showdown." -

"the background sound effects of a beating drum, crowds and crossfire cleverly help build a defined atmosphere and move the scenes on well." - The National Student


Murderer (Upstairs at the Gatehouse)

"A nod to Philip Lindley’s set which is of the usual Gatehouse classy standard with Kirsty Gillmore’s sound design going a long way to scene and atmosphere creation" - Jonathan Baz Reviews


Love on Trial (Ovalhouse)

"This is a multi-media show, with voiceovers playing just as large a role as Patrick’s, and scraps of news headlines and music played throughout. It is not through visual aid, but through recordings and African accents that we are transported to Malawi" - The Londonist


The Shadow Formula (Greenwood Theatre)

"I was particularly impressed with the sound design (Kirsty Gillmore & Sounds Wilde)...The entire play was set to a wonderful soundtrack including Al Bowlly’s ‘I Can't Get Mississippi Off My Mind’, ‘The Hawaiian War Chant’ and ‘The Sheik of Araby"The Vanity Case 

Whether it is music, costumes, lighting or set, everything looks and sounds authentic...Anna Hourriere (Designer), Charlie Morgan Jones (Lighting), Kirsty Gillmore (Sound) and Nikki Wright and Helen Taylor (Hair & Make Up) deserve praise for their role in creating period atmosphere - Remote Goat