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  • The Creative Business Tombola - Wednesday 28 2015

    So it's January already. Actually, it's almost the end of January already and I still don't feel fully prepared for this year.

    For me, the end of 2014 flowed into the start of 2015 with barely a ripple. let alone particularly defined end and begin again points. I haven't made any tangible goals yet, I definitely haven't mapped anything and I'm starting to feel a bit anxious and guilty about it. Shouldn't I be more prepared for this new business year?

    I need to chill out. (Plus, I have actually done my tax return so I am somewhat practically prepared.)

    Take it from someone who compiles useful business articles twice a month, it's really easy to get caught up in what you "should" be doing to have a successful business in 2015, including mapping all your goals for the next twelve months within the first week of January.

    There isn't actually anything you should be doing to prepare for the new year except what you know works for your business, or works for you, or hopefully both.

    It really hasn't worked for me to have all my goals in place yet because I haven't had the time or breathing space to really consider what I want to achieve this year. I'm going to find that time when I can and if that means I won't be doing my business plan for the year until sometime in February, or even in June, that's okay, as long as it works for me.

    Because we could all use less stress in our year, especially at the start, yes? Yes!

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