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  • Sunday Sound - Sunday January 25 2015

    Hey there you lovely people, happy 2015!

    The first few weeks of the new year have zipped past. I've crammed in sound designing two very different shows, producing my usual raft of voice reels with a host of very talented actors, writing my first blog for (coming very soon!) plus voice over work for some regular clients. 

    Which hasn't left much time for anything else (I had to nix sleep pretty quickly), including blogging, and hence my first post of the year being near the end of the month. It's full of good stuff though, hopefully making up for the tardiness? Enjoy.



    I'm old enough to have used ProTools when it was free the first time, and now there's going to be a free version available again

    5 things every audio pro should know how to do (or did know at one point but could do with a bit of a reminder)

    7 world-class engineers pick their favourite three mics (that are currently in production, so we've got a chance of trying them out ourselves, which is nice)



    "Everything that a guy says once, you have to say five times" Björk on sexism in music

    And the follow-up: women music-makers and their lack of credit 

    Meet Emily Lazar: awesome mastering engineer 



    I've no idea how this photo series came into being but I'm thankful for the sheer entertainment of it: 70s rockstars in their parent's homes 

    Sad, inevitable, and still sad: Farewell to Tin Pan Alley (Denmark Street, London)



    If youre into Star Wars, sci fi in general, voice over, movies or just awesome behind-the-scenes stotytelling, you gotta make time to listen to this awesome podcast with Greg Proops talking about when he was in The Phantom Menace (and the podcast series is a good listen in general)

    Are you making any of these 8 mistakes in your voice over career? 

    Gotta love a great villain voice. Here's 12 of the best of all time and what some of the iconic Disney villain voices look like in real life



    If you're interested in perfect pitch, have a read of this

    Loving these behind-the-scenes pics of some of the most famous film monsters

    More than just a music identification app, Shazam is the trend-spotter of the music world. Good for business...good for music too?

    Back on track for 2015: see you for the next Sunday Sound in a couple of weeks