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  • The Creative Business Tombola - Wednesday November 19 2014

    This time last year I was in Melbourne, Australia, preparing for my sister's wedding and freaking out because I'd never spent such a long stretch physically away from my business before. It was scary (the business stuff, the wedding was lovely), and I felt underprepared.

    Looking back, I was. Not intentionally, just because circumstances meant I didn't have a revenue buffer to offset a month of income losses, and I didn't have anyone to take over regular marketing, admin and social media tasks, which means I was still covering those from 12,000 miles away. I was simultaneously not earning, worrying about not earning, while still working several hours a day, and attempting to have a holiday. 

    This wasn't very smart.

    By the end of the month I felt exhausted and low, feeling like I hadn't had a holiday and in no way ready to make a positive start to 2014.

    Looking back, what I should have done was accept the fact I wasn't going to make any money that month, and the fact that I had deliberately taken a month off to spend time with my family and friends (some of whom I hadn't seen in over 4 years) and just, y'know, take the time off. I could have easily scaled back my admin for a month and in the long term, it would have made little difference - I was physically away from my studio anyway so I couldn't take on any work.

    Looking forward, it's a good lesson for me about how much I do have to prepare if I want to take the length of time off again. Virtual assistants and scalable studios are all plans for 2015!

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