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  • My 100 Voice Reel Milestone

    I'm celebrating a really great milestone: I've produced over 100 voice reels since I started offering voice reel services in 2011.

    I started out using a portable voice reel service which I hauled around to people's houses to record their voice reels. After I established a studio base, first in Finsbury Park, then in Shoreditch and now near Alexandra Palace, I expanded my range of reels to include animation and radio drama as well as commercial and narrative. Along the way, I became a recommended supplier for United Voices and I've seen loads of Sounds Wilde clients sign to great agencies and start working as voice over artists. It's an awesome feeling when someone tells you "the voice reel you made for me got me a job!"

    Along the way, I've learnt quite a bit about voice over and what makes a great voice reel, and I summed them up in the recent article I wrote for Actor Hub: 5 tips for an awesome voice reel.

    I thought it would make the perfect topic for a Sounding Wilde Special too:

    Over the next week I'll also be posting 100 lessons from 100 voice reels, so look out for that soon.

    Hooray for reasons to celebrate!