Ecourse: Create Your Best-Ever Soundtrack using Audacity

Be your own sound editor!

Create the soundtrack of your dreams without tech trauma. 

A straightforward step-by-step guide to editing, mixing and getting the music for your performances stage-ready, using the Audacity sound editing program. 

Created by a performer, for performers.



£24 ($40.50USD)


Your soundtrack is an integral part of your act – tech trauma is not!

You don't want to spend more time editing your music than rehearsing your performance.

So let's get you all over Audacity and learn how to edit your soundtracks in super-quick time, plus add some extra sparkle ('cause you can never have too much glitter).  


With this e-course you get:

6 kick-ass modules with Audacity walk-through video & PDF guides to  

  • downloading and installing the FREE Audacity sound editing program
  • importing music & sound clips into Audacity
  • the basics of editing multiple bits of music into one awesome track including cut & paste and fades

  • how to change tempo (speed) to match different pieces of music

  • where to find fabulous (darling) extras like sound effects and sound bites and how to add them to your soundtrack

  • matching volume levels and creating an MP3 of your track

  • voice overs – how to record, where to record, what works, what doesn't


  • access to the Sounds Wilde Soundtrack Creators Facebook group where you can swap Audacity & sound editing tips & links with other performers

£24 ($40.50USD)

Who needs to rock this?

All performers who want to learn how to edit their own soundtracks, from superstar beginners to know-the-basics-wanna-know-more stage pros

What do you need & what's under the glitter?

You need a computer (PC or Mac) with an internet connection and headphones or speakers. Module 1 includes links to how to download and install Audacity if you don't have it already. Each module will be delivered by email with links to all modules – so you can start at the beginning or jump in at the point that suits your skill level. All videos can be viewed online, any time from Module 1 and downloaded for offline viewing. No time limits and no expiry date. Work through the modules at your own pace and in your own order.  

Meet your course director:

I've been a sound engineer and sound designer for 13 years. I've created soundtracks for a host of international performers including Aurora Galore (Winner "Most Innovative" Burlesque Hall of Fame 2014), Tempest Roses's House of Burlesque, tap sensation Josephine Shaker and Ginger Blush (Best UK Newcomer, London Burlesque Festival 2012). I've been Chief Sound Monkey for Mat Ricardo's London Varieties, Boom & Bang Circus, the Double R Club and countless other cabaret, variety and circus events and I've taught soundtrack creation to performers at festivals and societies around the UK. I'm pretty much the perfect person to teach you how to edit sound to create your best ever soundtrack.