I'm Kirsty Gillmore. 

I'm a sound designer, character voice demo producer and the owner of Sounds Wilde. 

As a sound designer I create the aural world for plays, operas, audio guides and radio drama through soundscapes, sound effects and (for theatre) sound system design.

I also produce award-nominated character voice demos for actors and trained and experienced performers.

I trained in music, performance and sound engineering at the University of Auckland and Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand.

After moving to London, UK, I spent 8 years training at and working for the BBC. In 2010 I established Sounds Wilde in order to focus on sound design.

For my work as a professional voice actor, please visit my new site Voice of Kirsty.

I like whisky (single malt, please), vintage microphones and sunshine. My main life goal is to be able to afford copious amounts of all three.

Most importantly, I'd like to work with you.